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Koi Sumoi is a psilocybin mushroom , a species of psychedelic mushroom s. Its active ingredients are psilocybin and psilocin.




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Koi Sumoi Mushrooms Review

Also known as Psilocybe SamuienisKoi Sumoi Magic Mushrooms are a rare Shroom, although quite popular among informed users. This Strain’s origin is in the Thai province, from the Koh Samuli Island. This location gave it its name. Its identity has resulted in debates and has now become the leading in the Mexican species group. Koi Sumoi Shrooms are a brainchild of John Allen, an ethnomycologist.

Koi Sumoi Shrooms, with their moderate-high potency, are generally blended in milkshakes and fruit smoothies. This attribute results from its high strength. Koi Sumoi Magic Mushrooms have super strain characteristics, thus making them stand out. This Magic Mushroom is a quick colonizing Shroom and highly resistant to contamination.

Koi Sumoi Mushrooms have both medicinal and recreational purposes. Individuals adore it for its hallucinogenic characteristic. With its scarcity and restricted range, this magic mushroom is difficult to find, especially outside Thailand.

This Koi Sumoi Mushroom has psilocin and psilocybin as its principal active ingredients. Such Shrooms contain hallucinogenic properties. From a chemical perspective, these central elements found in Koi Sumoi Shrooms inhibit the serotonin tissue from functioning. These assist in counteracting several mental ailments such as anxiety, depression, and stress.

Koi Sumoi Magic Shrooms Description

The most common method of using this magic mushroom is in shakes as it covers its bitter taste.  It has a subtle, floury, and herbal flavour. The Koi Sumoi Shrooms have small umbos or papilla. They also have a gelatin-like pellicle that is separable. This attribute makes its cap sticky when wet. It is short with whitish hairs that have blue strokes close to the base. Its cover is often flat or round with a yellow-brown or creamy-brown appearance. The bottom of the stem is thinner compared to the top.

This Magic Shroom gets overlooked due to its small structure. However, its potency is exceptional. With high psilocin and small traceable amounts of baeocystin, only 15 to 20 fresh Shrooms can induce a powerful visual experience.

Koi Sumoi Mushroom Effect

The effects of Koi Sumoi Magic Mushroom may be different depending on an individual. However, users generally experience an intense head high. This high is quite pleasant. Nevertheless, the experience has several various factors that influence it. These factors comprise food consumed, surrounding, personality, and people present in your social setting.

Frequently, users refer to it as a life-altering experience. Besides, researchers highly recommend it. To share its goodness, you can purchase the Magic Mushroom online.

Koi Sumoi Shroom Grow Information

It is a rare Strain from Thai Island with many waterfalls and vegetation. The Strain is a brainchild of John Allen, a renowned ethnomycologist. When grown, their fruits colonize fast. These Koi Smoi Shrooms grow thick and somewhat short. Koi Sumoi Magic Mushroom is resistant to contaminants and thus an ideal option for beginners. The strains’ increased capacities have made it gain popularity in the recent past.

Those intending to cultivate this Strain should consider the different weather required at various stages of its development. The temperature during colonization should fall between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius. While the necessary temperatures for cropping fall between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Koi Sumoi Shrooms Medical Use

This Mushroom Strain has several benefits for individuals. First, it helps boost the energy level while simultaneously increasing your creativity level. It also helps deal with anxiety, depression, and stress. However, different dosage levels are dependent on an individual. Its positive effects will help alleviate several mental disorders by temporarily countering their negative symptoms. It will be slightly difficult to focus and communicate. Thus, you will notice an increase in creativity level with enhanced euphoria and a light sensation.

Koi Sumoi Mushrooms Side Effect

It has a strong head high and can be quite confusing in the initial stage of consuming it. It triggers the visual instantly, and its high seems rather pleasant. Its effects depend on several other factors such as the immediate environment, personality, and the food you take. You should avoid mixing it with other substances such as alcohol or weed. It has several physical adverse effects such as nausea, drowsiness, lack of coordination, and muscle weakness. Consumption of water while taking a trip with this Magic Mushrooms helps reduce the chances of experiencing its adverse effects.


While consuming Koi Sumoi Magic Mushroom, it is not advisable to smoke Marijuana or mix it with other substances. Ensure you drink lots of fluids to avoid surpassing the required dosage. If you are under the weather, ingest vitamin C, or have an orange, as they lower its effects.

Therefore, ensure you have a sober-minded individual within your social setting. Although it’s highly recommended for beginners, the Mushroom’s mind-altering effects may take a toll on the user, especially if it’s their first time.

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