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OG Kush Wax Online Very high THC content. Firstly, it is Predominantly yellow throughout.Also,it has crumble and a soft feel, as it’s whipped for a stable consistency. More so, Wax is a sticky form of concentrates that should only be handled with a (clean) dab tool.In addition, this type will not work with your hands and will end up getting on everything.Extracts with decarboxylated THC usually ends up sappier, and the same tends to go for CBD as well, so don’t be discouraged from everything that isn’t hard shatter. Like budder, you should be safe to keep wax in any type of storage that you have available for your dabs.

1 review for OG KUSH WAX

  1. Klara Mathew

    Christmas promo on the hit🔥🔥

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